WEEEWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Electronic and electrical waste includes a variety of different products that are thrown away after being used for a short or long period. Large household appliances, such as washing machines and electric stoves, are among the most collected waste and account for more than half of all electrical and electronic waste collected. Computer and telecommunication equipment (laptops, printers), consumer equipment (video cameras, fluorescent lamps) and photovoltaic panels as well as small household appliances (vacuum cleaners, toasters) follow. All other categories, such as power tools and medical devices, account for 7.2% of all electronic and electrical waste collected in Europe.

Sogedir S.r.l., thanks to the collaboration with various leading companies in the national territory and beyond, has launched a chain of recovery of WEEE containing precious metals and noble metals, such as:

  • Electronic boards
  • RAM
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Electric circuits
  • IT and telecommunication devices

The growing demand for precious metals by the electronics industry makes the importance of recovering these materials central, since this allows to reduce their extraction, with all the environmental and ethical problems that derive from it.