About Us


Sogedir S.r.l. is a brokerage company that was founded in 1995 as an industrial demolition company, but over time it develops and bases its core business on the recovery of waste materials and by-products from industrial production, such as chemical gypsum, blast furnace slag and ash from coal, enhancing them as substitutes for raw materials in the cement industry and beyond.

The growth of the company and the utmost respect for quality standards have led over the years to forge collaborations with important cement, steel and basic chemical groups, which have found in Sogedir a multifaceted, flexible reality, able to study and always propose a customer-oriented solution.


Our Mission is to offer our know-how and our thirty years of experience at the service of our customers and partners, in order to improve the Ecological Footprint day by day through the recovery and use of carefully selected materials which, thanks due to their chemical-physical characteristics, they guarantee maximum competitiveness with respect to raw materials and at the same time allow a significant improvement in the balance of CO2 emitted during the production cycle.

In line with the principles of the Circular Economy, we dedicate every day to improving the environmental sustainability of our partners by providing green oriented solutions, guaranteeing reliable industrial supplies in quantity and in the long term.


The cement industry must produce sufficient quantities of cement to meet its demand, but at the same time it aims to moderate the consumption of natural resources, fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions. These objectives are achieved thanks to the recovery of material and energy from civil and industrial waste, suitable for the production of cement in partial replacement of non-renewable fossil fuels and raw materials. Sogedir has evolved over time to establish collaborations with the most important cement groups in the nation, and to date it has recovered over 1,500,000 tons of waste without using landfills, enhancing their intrinsic characteristics and replacing them with raw materials from natural quarries.


An optimal alternative in integrated waste management: it is a safe solution for the community (traceability of waste), the environment (reduction of emissions and less use of landfills) and industry, because it saves non-renewable natural resources, and increase the competitiveness of companies. The use of waste in the production process, both as fuel and as a substitute for limestone and clay, reduces CO2 emissions and has no negative impact on plant operations, the environment and the quality of the final product. Furthermore, the recovery of waste in the cement industry is carried out under extremely controlled and safe conditions for the health of workers and for local communities.